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dreamindetail's Journal

* lauren
26 September
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{as of 08/29/05}
$$$, *nsync, aaron eckhart, ace of cakes, addison/derek, america's next top model, apples to apples, arctic monkeys, arthur, baltimore, bcbg, bewitched, big brother, bill pullman, british humour, bustin' moves, charles dickens, chewing gum, christmas, coconuts, cold mountain, conan o'brien, coupling, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, daisies, dark chocolate, david letterman, debussy, denny crane, diane lane, ewan mcgregor, f. scott fitzgerald, fashion design, figure skating, flushed away, friends, gavin degraw, gilmore girls, globe trekker, gold, goo goo dolls, grease, grey's anatomy, harry potter, helena bonham carter, house, howimetyourmother, hugging it out, hugh jackman, if they mated, it's a wonderful life, jackanese, jane austen, jason mraz, jim brickman, jon bon jovi, julianne moore, jumble, kate and leopold, keith urban, kenny chesney, languages, las vegas, laura linney, laws of attraction, lorelai/max, love actually, m&ms, mandy moore, margaritas, maroon 5, matt nathanson, mcdonalds, meggin cabot, milo ventimiglia, mmmbop, moulin rouge, nanette lepore, neopets, new jersey, nicole kidman, nylon, pat monahan, peaches, pearls, people-watching, photography, pie, pierce brosnan, posh/becks, pretty in pink, quidditch, radio, rain, raoul bova, raspberry ice cream, reading, robert redford, rodrigo santoro, roller coaster tycoon, rory/jess, ryan gosling, saturday night live, scarlett johansson, scarves, september 26, sixteen candles, skittles, sleepless in seattle, slurpees, snape/lily, snl, snow, spice girls, starbucks, strawberry ice cream, strawberry shortcake, suiting up, survivor, tad hamilton, taradise, that 70's show, the amazing race, the breakfast club, the giggle loop, the girls next door, the sims, the soup, titanic, tomato pesto, train, travel, tyler florence, under the tuscan sun, unfaithful, vanity fair, veggie tales, vera wang, vogue, w, web design, while you were sleeping, winter, wizard rock, writing, you've got mail